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Alright thrill-chasers, it’s time to book the ride of your life!

Dune Buggy Dubai is where it’s at if extreme adventure calls Off-Road Adventure Fun. Just thinking about zooming over massive cliffs and valleys gets the blood pumping, am I right?!

safety always comes first with guided trips.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Alright adrenaline fiends, got your next big bash all lined up but still have some burning Qs? Let me break down these FAQs to put your mind at ease:

Drive Safely, Dudes

No surprise – you’ll need your Passport or Emirated I’d to legally wheel these babies. Bring it with on tour day and show the guides before the fun starts.

BYOB or Nah?

Most companies provide their own mean machines, so no need to haul your own buggy. Some may allow you to ride yours though, so can’t hurt asking!

Experience? Pshh

Don’t sweat it if you’re new – the pointers and practice laps will have you drifting like a pro fast. Even rookies can get in on all the epicness.

Dress Right

Pack threads meant for playing hard in the heat – long sleeves, pants, sturdy shoes. And don’t forget your shades, hat and sunblock to stay safe in the sun.

Who Can Ride?

Ages vary by company but usually 16+. Height/weight rules may apply for safety too. Follow the rules and you’ll cruise with no issues.

Hope those answers have you totally stoked for the good times ahead! Holla if any other questions pop up before gearing up for the ultimate Dubai adventure.

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