The Museum of the Future has become one of the world’s most famous landmarks and museums. This museum has many future-oriented technologies that set it apart from other beautiful museums.


It is only possible to imagine some things that Dubai’s government made possible. They accomplished all these things through the wise use of technology and the back-to-back innovation of great ideas. In the Museum of the Future, we see this in action.

This mesmerizing museum is a must-see on a Dubai city tour. There is more to this place than just a museum filled with historical artifacts. As the top standard museum in the world, this museum is distinguished by several factors.

Another place of great beauty is The Lost Chambers Aquarium, which attracts people of all ages. This aquarium is located in one of the most renowned skyscrapers in Dubai, Atlantis, and The Palm, and it is the most important interactive educational place in the region.

Here is everything you need to know about the Museum of the Future and the infamous Lost Chambers.

The Museum’s Prime Location

In the vicinity of the Emirates Towers, you will find this impressive landmark. The museum attracted the attention of the entire world towards Dubai City. Dubai residents, as well as overseas visitors, should visit this stunning landmark.

How was this museum built?

The project was beyond ordinary, so the top architects designed, modified, and completed the construction plans and the complex structure. While Buro Happold engineered this futuristic museum, Killa Design Architecture Studio designed it.

A timeline for construction

The construction of this gleaming silver monument lasted six years. Dubai’s Sheikh Zayed Road construction has been closely watched by locals and tourists alike. The geometric skeleton began to form with the addition of metal plates covered in calligraphy.

The opening of the Museum of the Future

In 2022, Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum officially opened the world’s first Museum of the Future. Several museums worldwide have already ranked the museum among their top 14.

What is the size of the museum?

It has a large surface area of 30 thousand square feet, making it one of the largest museums in the world. The height of the building is 77 meters. There are seven floors in the Museum of the Future, each with high-tech, operational, and safety management.

Several floors at the Museum of the Future are dedicated to different experiences. Immersive installations cover three floors, emphasizing ecosystem development, biotechnology, health, and well-being.

The second floor features near-future technology that aims to change the world by addressing health,

water, food, transportation, and energy concerns.

Throughout the building, children are encouraged to explore the world and overcome obstacles according to their terms to become “future heroes.”

Unmatched design

Buildings are supported by diagrid frames, which serve as the primary structural support. There are no pillars inside the building. Regarding its constructability, Killa wanted it to be on the cutting edge of technology.

For cutting the 1,024 panels, the engineers used Computer Numerical Control (CNC) equipment, which contains several kilobytes of data for each panel, each of which is unique.

In addition to developing the ideal form and distinctive covering, new parametric modeling techniques and building algorithms were also developed to address specific design challenges.

A technology-rich environment

A key theme of The Machinic Life was the potential for sentient machines to enhance human relationships, solve complex socioeconomic problems, and open the door for artificial intelligence and human enhancement. A particular focus of the exhibition was the coexistence and interaction of people and robots, resulting in overwhelmingly positive reviews worldwide.

Exhibition Human 2.0

It explores how the human body and brain might collaborate to achieve things once thought unattainable. Its most current exhibition at the museum is Human 2.0, which imagines a world where humans and machines live in perfect harmony. Essentially, this idea addresses the possibility of humans overcoming physical and mental limitations.

Dive the Lost Chambers

A popular attraction among people of all ages is the Lost Chambers Aquarium. Located in one of Dubai’s most prestigious skyscrapers – Atlantis The Palm – the aquarium is the region’s most important interactive educational place.

Its name comes from the ancient lost civilization of Atlantis. As you explore this city, you’ll be introduced to its lost history and many aquatic species. Additionally, several exhibitions take place frequently where you can interact more closely with marine life.

Here are some tips for visiting Lost Chambers Aquarium

As various activities are scheduled throughout the day, Lost Chambers Aquarium’s opening hours may vary from show to show.

Every day, the aquarium is open from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm. Being punctual is therefore recommended. A tour of this fantastic aquarium can be completed in three to four hours.

Also recommended are Predator Dives, Atlantis dive discovery, Interactive aqua theater shows, Touch tanks, and ambassador lagoons.

What makes it stand out from the rest?

It was built to resemble the lost city of Atlantis and houses over 65,000 aquatic animals in 21 aquariums. Discover albino alligators, sharks, lobsters, jellyfish, and seahorses among the fishes on display!

You can explore the aquarium’s backstage tours to learn about some of the deepest mysteries of the sea with on-site professionals. The “Touch Tank” also allows visitors to touch some animals, such as starfish and sea urchins, for a more immersive experience.

Tickets: What’s the deal?

Tickets can be purchased at the gate or online for the Dubai Lost Chambers Aquarium. Online ticket purchases have several advantages, including:

There are special savings available

A significant advantage of purchasing tickets online is saving up to 20%! You’ll also receive an extra 5% credit after verifying your reservation.

Staying away from the line

Ticket sales at the aquarium are prevalent, so people expect to wait in long lines. You can save time by purchasing tickets online. Choose the best time for your visit and schedule your day in advance. Aquaventure Waterpark is another popular attraction at Atlantis, along with the aquarium. Purchase inexpensive combo tickets to both attractions and have a great time.

Here are a few things you should take care of

Visit the aquarium early in the day if you can. It is better to visit earlier in the day to avoid the crowds in the evening. Always have a camera on hand because there will be numerous opportunities to take beautiful pictures. Dress appropriately since there will be some walking involved. Featuring over 21 aquariums and shelters, the aquarium is enormous. Check out the feeding times at Ambassador Lagoon. As you can see, the animals eating in the water is a must-do activity. You can find out when the meals will be served at the front desk.

A combo ticket for Lost Chambers Aquarium and Aquaventure Waterpark gives you the best of both worlds. Bring appropriate swimwear if you plan to visit the waterpark.

Take part in the renowned “Shark Safari” at Aquaventure for an unforgettable experience. We’re happy to help you reschedule or cancel your adventure at no extra charge if you contact us more than 24 hours in advance.

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The aquarium can now be reserved for special events, dinner parties, or promotional events. Under glass tunnels surrounded by marine life, there is no better way to host a house party. Thanks to your careful planning and dedication, this fantastic location will undoubtedly astonish your guests.

The aquarium offers much more than fish tanks; the additional features are not free. Many activities are available, including shark safaris, shark nights, predator dives, ray feeding, and snorkeling.

A few final thoughts

A museum of the future and the lost chambers would not have been possible without the immense work put into them.

There is a worldwide reputation for them. The monument was built using advanced technologies, unlike many other well-known structures. This museum has so many qualities that it is impossible to describe them all. Every Dubai city tour should include a visit to this overwhelming beauty. Bringing your kids to the museum would be best since it has an excellent children’s area.

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